又是一段時間沒有上來跟你們分享了~ Once again, it's been a while since my last update~

別罵我啦!最近真的讓自己很忙... Don't be angry now! I've just been a bit preoccupied...

連FACEBOOK的遊戲都不玩了!哈哈~ I've even deleted all my facebook games! haha...

反正不需要解釋太多... There's no need for too much explanation...

但我必須說...前兩天真的太冷了!But, there is something i must report, the past couple days have been extremely COLD!

前天下課後,我從學校走回家.... Two days ago, as i was walking home from Chinese class....

當時大概是11度,風很大!又很冷!It was probably like 11 degrees Celcius, in addition to the piercing wind...BRRRR...

一個小時候,回到家拿吉他,然後又出門去上課~ It took me an hour to get home, get my guitar, and head back out for lessons...

11pm回到家,發現室友去急診看病~又一路跑到醫院去陪他~ I get home around 11pm to discover that my roommate was at the emergency room for a liver inflammation~So i ran all the way to the hospital to be there with her...

總之,整天都在外面跑,吹冷風~ As a result, I was basically running around outside, in the blizzard-like cold, all day~

第二天早上發現......The wake up the next morning...

我的眼睛周圍都凍傷了!!!and realize the both my eyelids and my entire eye area have been severely wind burned!

整個眼皮都紅腫!超級痛!It was all red and puffy, and i felt like my skin was stretched super tight!

連擦蘆薈都痛!最後只能用護唇膏來急救。I couldn't put anything on it! Even natural aloe was making it sting. In the end, I could only use Carmex (ointment) as a last resort. 

早上去上課超丟臉的!沒化妝,眼睛腫,整個就像病人一樣!I had to go to Chinese class this morning...without make-up, and with red, puffy eyes....I looked like i was sick with a deathly virus! It was so embarrassing....

好顯,臨時約到皮膚科,現在好多了~Luckily, I got a last minute appointment in with my dermertologist this afternoon...It's a lot better now!

想看看Alisa紅腫的眼睛嗎?!I bet you'd like to see pictures of the wind-burned puffiness of Alisa's eyes huh?!

哈哈哈哈~開玩笑!不可能啦! HAHA~ As if! Never in a million years! muhaha...

可是,今天必須提到一件事...However, there is something that i must mention... 

就是....我要在今天好好的感謝我的媽媽和我的上帝~ And that is....that i would like to thank my mother and God for this day~

每年的3月11日,我都會獻給創造我的上帝和出生給我的母親。Every year on March 11th, I dedicate to the God that created me, and the loving mother that gave birth to me. i owe everything to you. 


謝謝你們的教導和絕對的愛。Thank you for your guidance, and your unconditional love.

今年沒有什麼生日打算...Don't have anything special planned for this birthday...

家人和朋友的祝福就可以滿足我了~It's enough simply to have the blessing and love of my family and friends~

謝謝大家囉~Thank you everyone for your warm wishes...

永遠愛你們的,Love forever,


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