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  • Apr 30 Sat 2011 19:17
  • A Web.

A Web.


A web of passion,

A web of fashion,

A web of precision,

A web of caution.


A web of action,

A web of function,

A web of connection,

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We're told to dream, to make great plans

We're given praise for thoughts deemed grand

With eyes tightly shut, Imagination births

It slowly rises up, ascending from the Earth...

With time and distance, the dream loses form

A premature bubble, popped. The heart is torn

We may moan, and we may groan...

But alas, a new bubble is about to form.

Maybe this is it. The one that will soar

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Turning a leaf

Turning a page

Turning a bend

Turning to mend.


Turning towards love

Turning towards faith

Turning towards hope

Turning to cope.

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I look around the pastures green

All around me, a field of dreams.

I walk about to find that space

Where my future tree shall have it's place.

I reach down low to feel the Earth

Mother Nature, in all her girth.

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