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Sorry~la!!!Forgot to post this blog last week! 可惡~上週忘記po這篇啊!


Last week was my first trip to the Taipei Zoo~上禮拜是我第一次去動勿園耶!

We had our own little picnic/pot luck (SO MUCH FOOOOD! HEAVY!) 我們都有準備野餐的食物(太多東西了!好重唷!)


In line to ride the tram to the top of the park! 正在排隊坐"小火車"上山!


The "Little Train". 可愛的小火車!


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你知道嗎?You know what?

花了很多時間上網找中文/台語的翻譯/辭典... I've been spending countless of hours online looking for Chinese/Taiwanese translations...

可是都找不到羅馬拼音的系統....可惡~ But, I can't seem to find a roman-phonetic spelling guide...darn. 

原來想用台語跟你們留言說...嘻嘻... Originally, I had wanted to use Taiwanese to reply to some of your comments...but..hehe..   

ㄅㄟˇ ㄧㄠ ㄍㄧㄣˋ....(沒關係)我盡力了~It's okay, I tried...

(如果你們有些建議,請多提供喔!)(If anyone has any suggestions/tips, please let me know!)

明天是最後兩場過年的表演...Tomorrow marks the last of our Chinese New Year performances, last two performances, both in the same day is all. 

這幾個月下來,說很忙...也沒有那麼忙...說不忙,也真的沒有停下來過...These last couple months have been hectic, but not to the point of utter exhaustion...just non-stop activities to keep me occupied. 

謝謝所有工作同伴~辛苦你們了!(正好過年都可以休息~)My thanks goes out to all the members of my team for all their hard work! You guys deserve the rest!

接下來就要開始多多充實自己...我不想停下來,不要給自己空間懶惰...My next step now is to plan out more ways to keep myself learning and improving...I don't want to come to a full stop...I know myself too well, I'll get lazy!

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